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Premier League rejects Mill Financial attempt to meet owners and directors
17x17 wrote in all_about_lfc

The Premier League have rejected an attempt by hedge fund Mill Financial to meet their owners' and directors' test.

In a last throw of the dice to prevent the takeover by Henry's New England Sports Ventures (NESV), current owner Tom Hicks is trying to sell his stake to Mill Financial, a USA-based hedge fund.

Mill Financial approached the Premier League on Thursday night but were rejected - the league told the fund they could only take instruction from the board of Liverpool who have already agreed to sell to NESV for £300million.

Hicks is trying to enlist Mill Financial - who already own George Gillett's 50% of the club - to pay the £280million debt to the Royal Bank of Scotland by today's deadline and thwart the takeover by NESV.

NESV said that if Hicks did try to sell out to Mill Financial they would go back to the High Court.

An NESV source told PA Sport: "If that were to happen we would take this back to the High Court as soon as possible. Mill Financial would just be pawns of Tom Hicks and we believe this is all about Tom Hicks maintaining his control over Liverpool."

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